Formatting Information Boxes on Forms

  • 21 February 2024
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Information boxes are useful ways to add information onto forms to help your users.

Have you wanted to make the text bold or italic?

Maybe change the colour of the text?

It’s all possible using HTML which can look complicated but is straightforward once you have a go!



For bold wrap your text around the following brackets <b> and </b>. 

For example, <b>Please note</b>

The brackets tell us that the information within should be in bold.


For italics we wrap around <i> and </i>

For example, <i>For more information go to….</i>


For colour, we use the American spelling and state the exact colour in our wrap-around text such as <font color =purple> and </font color>

For example, <font color =purple>Please Note</font color>

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