Reopen Audit Sections (New and Improved Audits)

  • 30 August 2023
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Please note - this user guide is in reference to the Enhanced Audit functionality.

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  • An audit can be made up of one or more sections.  Once someone has completed all the sections assigned to them, they can mark them as complete.


  • Once complete, a section goes into a read-only state. 


  • Individual sections can be reopened for amending.  All previous work is saved.


Reopening an Audit


  • To reopen a completed section, select the 3-dot symbol next to the chosen section and select ‘Reopen Section’.
Reopening a section


  • Once reopened the section status will change to reflect the overall status of the audit (pending, overdue, etc.).  The due date and assignee will remain the same.


  • All the information previously saved will be available and the user assigned to the section can add or amend as required.


  • If the Audit has additional workflow steps such as the Action Plan option, this will be reset when a section is reopened.  This means the additional workflow steps will disappear until the section has been completed again. 
Animation of an Action Plan being reset


  • All information on the additional steps will be retained and will require reviewing and completion. 
Animation showing the Action Plan step being completed.





Can anyone reopen an audit section?


  • No, you will require permission to reopen an audit.  Please speak to your organisation’s system administrator or team to discuss this.

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