Transferring Audits Between Sites

  • 7 September 2023
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  • It's very easy to transfer an audit between different Radar Healthcare Systems either:
    • Transferring between Staging and Live
    • Transferring to other Radar Healthcare partners


  • Once an audit has been built within one system it can be downloaded.  This file can then be uploaded into an new system.


  • You can also use this method to update existing audits.  The systems will recognise that the audit already exists and will apply the updates accordingly.


Getting Starter

  • Find the audit you wish to transfer. select the three-dot menu and choose JSON.  This will download the audit as a JSON file.
Audit Builder selecting the JSON option.


  • Log into the new site and go to the Audit Builder page and select Import audit.


  • Select the JSON file you previously downloaded, select the Audit Type, and any related tags.  Continue to preview the audit and finally import it.  
Uploading file.


  • If you are uploading an audit which is already in the system two things may happen:
    • If the audit is identical nothing will change.
    • If the audit is different, it will replace the existing one with a new version.

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